Taking it Back a Notch encourages us to stop our busy, hectic lives once in a while to take a look and not miss out on the fun stuff in our life. Many people miss the good stuff because they’re constantly in overdrive.

This blog is about many things that I care about. Here are the topics and descriptions of them.

The world is a beautiful place, and we should keep it that way. I write about ways to go green, be kind, help a friend in need, charities and my adventures on making a world a better place with one smile at a time.

I’ve become some sort of health nut over the years, and although I’m 50 20 pounds overweight, I strive to eat clean, raw and healthy. This part of my blog is filled with yummy recipes, health tips, weight loss and how to be our physical best.

Everything revolves around money. I am currently 25,000 dollars in the hole with my student loans. I write about saving money, making money, budgeting and getting out of debt.

Family and Memories
We tend to be stuck in a rut with school, work, kids, work, kids, work, sleep and work. (the kids may or may not be in there). This section shows how to spend more time with our family, and make memories that will last a lifetime.

The average home is always trying to declutter and find more storage space. Being minimal is cutting down everything until we are left with the things that matter the most. I talk about the benefits of minimalism and how I am becoming one.

This section is sharing life’s experiences. I share tips on being happy and being free.

Websites, Code, Photography, Web Design, Gadgets && Technology
Don’t worry. I’m not forcing this topic on Taking it Back a Notch. These subjects are near and dear to my heart, but they deserve their own blog. Look for updates here: deCoding my mind

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