Almost Done

After spending six and a half hours yesterday spring cleaning my butt off, I am done the cleaning portion of my apartment (except for a few dishes).  

Now, it’s time for the organization part of spring cleaning which is a little more troublesome. There is a lot that needs to be organized, so it’s going to take a lot of time. Also, there is no space for everything in my apartment. But, maybe organizing will open up space. I’m just exhausted, but I’m glad I got it done. I just couldn’t stand it anymore!

Here are the cleaning lists I made to keep me on track. The ones that are crossed off are the ones I did yesterday.


  • pick up all trash
  • clean off surfaces
  • fix chairbed
  • organize workbench
  • find homes for everything on the floor
  • vaccume
  • make bed
  • organize bookshelf
  • organize games
  • wash laundry
  • fold laundry
  • put away laundry


  • clean dishes (still a few left to do)
  • wipe down sink counter
  • take out Trash (fiance did this morning)
  • take out recycling
  • organize cabinets
  • clean microwave
  • clean fridge
  • organize fridge
  • clear off bar
  • wipe down bar
  • wipe down stools
  • mop floor
  • sweep floor
  • clean Trash can and lid
  • wipe down counter
  • clean stove
  • clean sink


  • clean mirror
  • vacuum hallway
  • organize shoes
  • mop tile area
  • sweep tile area


  • scoop litter
  • organize under sink
  • organize under counter
  • organize medicine cabinet
  • organize closet
  • clean mirror
  • wipe down scale
  • wipe down counter
  • clean off counter
  • mop bathroom
  • gather dirty clothes
  • sweep outer room
  • sweep inner room
  • empty trashcan
  • clean toilet
  • clean shower

Yes, this all took six and a half hours. I was also editing videos, and I filmed a video. And, the list is small compared to other people’s because I live in a tiny apartment.

How is your spring cleaning going?