DAY 18 | Battery-Saving Mode

Today’s change is something we don’t think about often. How can we save energy with our devices?

One thing we can do is to prolong the battery. When we prolong the battery, our devices can last longer and we will spend less time charging them.

So I propose a challenge! Let’s all run around to all our devices and look to see if they offer an energy-saving mode (sometimes called Stamina mode). Turn it on!

Some functions may work differently. It’s different for each device, but sometimes, this will dim the backlight or it may stop apps running in the background. Little things!

My phone does have an issue where it makes Messenger calls unbearable if I have its battery saving mode on. So I will have to turn it off during calls.

But there’s no reason not to turn it on all the time on my computer or tablet.

That’s my change today. Battery saving mode ACTIVATED!