10 Quick Cheap and Easy Minimalist Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is approaching fast! If you don’t have the time or energy to find the perfect costume, but you still want to dress up, these ideas are for you!

Ideas in this post:

  • Your Old Costume
  • Internet Server
  • Cowgirl / cowboy
  • Nudist on Strike
  • Cat
  • Witch
  • Error 404
  • Lamp
  • Couple Ideas
    • Cop and Robber
    • Delivery Man and Package

Your Old Costume

Reduce, reuse and recycle are the best advice when you’re looking for a quick, easy and cheap costume at the last minute.

Raid your house for your old costumes that you might be still laying around. Might as well give them some good use since they’re still here.

Costumes from your past are good options if you still have them, but be sure to ask friends and family if they have any old costumes for you to borrow. Especially if you don’t feel like being a witch for the third time.

Internet Server

This costume is a play on words. You will dress up as a waitress for the server part of the costume. Don’t forget about your serving tray!

Then you will be serving internet. Now the internet isn’t something that can be touched, so you’ll have to get creative.

Print out a piece of paper with the word internet and tape it to your tray. Or you can find some internet modems, put them on white plates and carry those on your tray.

Cowgirl / Cowboy

This is a very quick costume that can be thrown together with bits and pieces that you may have around.

Throw on some jeans, a flannel shirt, and brown boots to start. Then top it off with braids (if you have long hair), a cowboy hat and if you’re feeling horsey, find a horse stuffed animal or a kid’s stick pony.

Nudist on Strike

This costume is funny and super easy. All you need is some cardboard, a marker and if you’re feeling extra, some string.

Take the cardboard and write “Nudist on Strike” on it. Then wear whatever outfit you’d like and hold around the sign.

If you’re feeling extra, punch out two holes and use string to turn the sign into a necklace so your hands can be free to stay warm in your pockets.


A classic costume is the cat costume because it’s easy. You can go all out with cat ears and a cat tail. Or you can be basic with a black outfit and a painted nose and whiskers.

Whatever you have time to do, this costume can be customized to the max.


Another classic costume is the witch costume. If you don’t want to put any effort at all, all you really need is a witch hat. And maybe grab a broom for good measure.

And to put extra effort into it, wear a black dress, paint yourself green and grab a black cat stuffed animal.

Error 404

Like the Nudist on Strike costume above, this costume can be thrown together in no time.

All you need is a blank, white shirt and a marker. Write the numbers “404” big and bold in the middle of the shirt. Then underneath, in smaller letters, write “Costume Not Found.”

This replicates the 404 error when you go to a webpage that isn’t there. This idea is clever and fun! And you can wear whatever else you want.


If you are literally out of time and options, just grab a lampshade out the door and wear it as a hat!

You may want to sacrifice an old lampshade though so you can punch out two circles for your eyes.

You can be basic with this costume or go all out. You can just wear all black and be a sleek, minimalist lamp. Or you can be a gorgeous lamp with a vibrant outfit.

You can even get creative and decorate the lampshade itself.

Cop and Robber

This can be a couple’s costume or you can just choose one and go with it solo.

For the cop costume, find a navy blue bottom up, collared shirt with chest pockets. Add a name badge to one side and a fake officer badge on the other.

If you’re dressing up as a cop from a country other than the US, you may want to pull up a picture to see how to put the shirt together.

For the pants, black or navy trousers will do the trick.

Then, you just have to do it up. Add a walkie-talkie, handcuffs, flashlight, and cool shades and you are good to go.

For the robber costume, wear all black clothing, a beanie or ski mask, black gloves and throw dollar signs on a pillowcase. BOOM! You’re a thief with a pimped out trick-or-treat bag.

Delivery Man and Package

This can be another couples idea with one person being the delivery person and the other being the package. Or you can ditch your person and carry around an actual box.

You can even be a pizza delivery person and your partner can be the pizza!

I’m going to go with UPS in this example, but you can look up a picture of other delivery services. All uniforms vary slightly but are all easy to throw together.

To transform into a delivery person,  find a brown button-up, collared shirt, a pair of brown pants and a brown hat. Print out two UPS logos, cut them out and attached one to the shirt and one to the hat.

For the package, you can have fun with this one. But you  need a big box with hole for you arms, legs and head. You can add lots of tape and a packing label.