DAY 129 | Limit the TV

I don’t watch a lot of TV.

The majority of my watch time is at night since I need a show to listen to, so I can go to sleep peacefully.

I only need it for about 30-40 minutes before I’m out.

Now, the wastefulness comes in past those 30 minutes. The TV has a power setting to turn off after 4 hours of inactivity.

It’s not perfect but I’ve been convincing myself that at least it’s not on the full 8 hours that I sleep.

But I have come to realize that it has not been powering off after 4 hours. It just goes to a standby mode.

So the last few nights I have been using my phone to play the show instead of the TV.

I still get the sounds, I still go to sleep easier and now I can use less electricity.

Phones use less than a TV in general. So I’m going to limit the time the TV is on.