DAY 132 | Donate Food Waste

I always go back into researching about composting.

It’s great it’s wonderful it sounds like a lot of fun. And there are so many benefits to it.

You can create fertilized soil which you can use to grow amazing plants, you’re saving food from going to landfills, and you are over all reducing your carbon footprint.

But the more I think about it the more I realize that composting may not be in my future.

I don’t have the means, need or energy to start composting. I don’t have my own land to garden and pretty soon I’m going to be full-time living in an RV, so my gardening and fertilizer needs are going to be non-existent.

Sure I can start a composting pile for my mom and my grandfather because they do garden, but I know that they are not going to keep up with it and probably not going to use it.

So I was super excited to find an awesome solution today. There’s a website an app called Share Waste.

Share Waste matches people who have scraps to people who are composting.

This is great for people who are not able to compost for any reason and actually donate their food scraps to people who are actively composting.

It’s a win-win all around!!! Check them out! (