DAY 45 | Zero Waste Arts and Crafts

I’m not an artist. I’m not really artistic or creative, and I don’t work well with my hands. So I don’t really do a lot of crafting.

However there are some times where I get in the mood to sketch and do drawings and work with my inner creative person who always loves to hide.

Art is always going to be wonderful and joyous. No one should bring it down and everyone should do whatever you need to do to be creative if that’s what you’re called to do.

So before you freak out, I’m not here to tell you to stop making art. I’m going to simply suggest that you take a look at the waste your art is producing.

For me when I do random drawings I use a lot of paper and then I lose those papers and who knows where those sketches ended up.

So I’m choosing today to take my artwork digitally. I have a tablet and stylus and an awesome are app that I’ve been having a lot of fun with.

But you did not have to be a digital artist you can still create things with your hands in the analogue world.

There are a lot of different ways to create art out of recycled material, pre-owned material, thrifted material, used material and refurbished material.

Get creative in your next art project and see what you can create without things ending up in the landfill.

Since I’m no artist I will love to know everyone else’s thoughts and ideas about taking arts and crafts zero waste.