Happy Earth Day

I shared RecycleBank’s April challenge to do a green challenge each day. Since it is Earth Day, I would like to share how I am environmentally friendly,  what I did for the challenge so far and what I plan on doing.

I recycle, I make conscience decisions when purchasing goods, I volunteer, I save water, I don’t buy water bottles, I reuse items until they no longer can be used, I save containers and repurpose them, I don’t litter, I pick up litter I see, I don’t drive, I don’t use public transportation, I walk and bike everywhere I can (my fiance does drive though), I am a vegetarian, I don’t go out often, I don’t drink coffee (you can drink coffee and be eco-friendly, but regular trips to Starbucks is questionable), I unplug everything in use, I dislike paper towels and napkins, I don’t use fragrances in my apartment, I make homemade cleaners, I make homemade toothpaste, I make homemade face wash, I have never worn make-up, I live in a tiny apartment, I’m working on being paper-free, I keep reading and learning, I donate to charities as often as I can, I don’t use chapstick or lotions and much more.

What I have done with the challenge so far that was new to me:

  • When you wash your hands in a public restroom, shake them dry instead of using a paper towel.
  • Let it mellow at home
  • Use the Greendex calculator to see how you rank in being environmentally responsible compared to others.
  • Gather up your old magazines and find someplace to donate them. Or find other ideas for reusing them.

What I plan to do:

Happy Earth Day and keep trying to do your part for the environment.