Healthy Vegan To-Go Snacks

A lot of us are super busy. I know that first hand. At the end of 2012, I started college, and it seems like I hadn’t had a break since. After college came working a full-time job while trying to start a business, and now, it’s running a business while helping my mom start a business and planning for my wedding in February. Busy.

If you’re feeling the same way then you know what it’s like to be constantly running from place to place. And while we are running from place to place, we may not be eating right. Who has time to prepare healthy snacks that are easily portable? It’s just so easy to go through a drive-thru and charge your card. But, it doesn’t have to be that way.

I’m going to share some healthy snacks that will satisfy you until your next meal. These snacks are healthy, easy to prepare ahead of time and yummy. All these ideas are also vegan and unprocessed. So, here are some healthy vegan to-go snacks!

Baby carrot sticks
These are super portable with almost no prepping required. All you need to do is buy a big bag and portion them out into containers and take one with you when you leave.

The easiest thing to do with apples is to just throw whole ones into your bag and go! But, if you prefer sliced, you will need to slice a bunch up and portion them out first.

Absolutely no prep work is required for clementines! Just take a few and peel when you are hungry.

These are so sweet and refreshing! Grapes are literally Nature’s candy. You can spend time picking them beforehand or you can just take a stemmed bunch and pick off of it as you go!

Nuts & Seeds
Almonds, walnut, cashew and sunflower seeds are a great snack. Just get them with as little salt as possible. Buy a big container and portion them up, so they are always ready.

Orgasm Trail Mix
This is a healthy trail mix I invented last year. It is so sweet and satisfying. If you have a sweet tooth, indulge in this! A perfect mix of dried cherries, cranberries, coconut flakes and almonds.

These are great satisfying snacks that are alternatives to junk food we tend to buy when we are hungry with no other options. When on the go, you need to make sure you are feeling your best and not run down by bad food. Feel great so you can do great. ( tweet this )

What are your go-to snacks?