DAY 54 | Hit and Swish Method

I used to see my husband do this all the time. He would get to the end of a ketchup bottle. He squeezes the last bit out and discards the bottle. He didn’t even TRY to get more out.

I always bang the top, shake it vigorously and keep it upside down for a while to try to get everything out.

Now the “hit and swish” method involves pouring in a tiny amount of water to aid in getting out every last drop.

You can do this with all the bottles and jars. Alfredo sauce, dish liquid, shampoo, and condiments.

This helps with food waste. You’ll be cleaning out the bottles anyway for recycling so you might as well use the rest before it washes down the drain.

A little bit of water goes a long way. You don’t want a watered-down mess. This is my change today.