How to Drink More Water

Did you that the “8 Cups of Water Everday” rule was made up by a rando? This guy measured his own pee and sweat and the WHOLE WORLD just went along with his observation.

I get it. No one else wanted to measure pee and sweat.

But actually, we could get away with 4-7 cups for women and 6-11 cups for men. This is not counting ALL the water that we get from food.

And by food, I mean whole plant foods. And since a lot of people don’t eat those enough then drinking MORE than 8 cups of water will be beneficial.

But this article is for those who want to drink more water but are in a rut. No matter how many cups you want to consume, use these tips to actually get o your goal.


1. Water in Drinks Count!

So you hate the taste of water? That’s fine!!! The water you use to make tea, smoothies, coffee, lemonade, and flavored water COUNTS AS WATER INTAKE!!

So if you want to have 10 cups of tea every day, go for it, bro. The caveat here is that if you add unhealthy additives to these drinks, no amount of water will undo the effects. But the water intake will still count.

2. Just Chug It

Starting out, you may just have to force it. Sit down and chug a pint. It sucks at first but once you get used to it, it will be a piece of cake.

I like to use large bottles. For example, I have a 24oz bottle, and my goal is 12 cups of water a day. When I get up, I make it a point to chug a whole bottle. That’s 1/4 of my goal done first thing in the morning!

3. Do Some Exercise

Exercise is not only good for you, but it makes you thirsty!! Drinking water won’t be hard at all when you’re body is literally forcing you to drink.

Sometimes you can get so hot and thirsty that you don’t even taste the water. You just want to get as much down as possible.

4. Keep Water Everywhere

If you want to drink more water, you need to have it more available. Have a bottle by your bed, in the living room, ready to go in the kitchen and some cold ones in the fridge.

It really does help to have it all around you.

And when you’re out and about, bring a bottle to refill at water stations!

And there you have it. I wouldn’t start slowly. I would set a goal and get it done immediately!!