I Found Spring

Yesterday, I woke up to Spring. I went outside to catch my ride, and I found nice weather and a small amount of snow.

I am a huge winter lover(I love all the seasons). Snow is one of my favorite things. So, I’m a little sad that it is melting away, but I just felt so overjoyed yesterday when I came out of my building. Spring is here! (Sorta…lol) My mom bought me watermelon, I threw off my jacket and I tried to get as much sun as I could.

I’ve been in a rut lately, and this has put a spring in my step. I feel inspired to get up and do something about my problems instead of complaining about them, and laying in bed depressed. So, I am determined to finally get my apartment together, after living here since last September, by next weekend.

This means getting rid of stuff we don’t need anymore (and more Minimal videos), organizing what’s left, making spaces pretty and presentable, and deep cleaning everything.

I think I finally understand spring cleaning!

Wish me luck!

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