I Just Want to

live comfortably with no debt.

Such a simple request, yet it is so vague. What does “comfortably” mean to me? How many things can I sacrifice and still be comfortable? To have no debt, I must sacrifice things I want but can’t afford. I have to live simply, so I have enough money to pay back my student loans.

Living comfortably to me is not worrying. Not stressing about bills, not worrying about expenses. I don’t want to have stress about my upcoming cable bill that I can’t afford. This is why I won’t have cable. I’m going to go without the typical ‘must haves.’ I don’t need a new car, I don’t need cable, I don’t need to have the newest gadgets, and I certainly don’t need top of the line beauty products or clothes.

Just having debt will be a constant stress, but after it’s paid off, I won’t have to worry about more because I’m living within my means and not using my money for things that really mean nothing, I will be comfortable and happy.

What is your comfortable picture?