I Need Help From The No Pooers

One of my resolutions this year, is to give up shampoo and conditioner. But, I need help finding a good recipe.

What I would like:

  • No vinegar what so ever. I know that there are recipes that doesn’t include vinegar.
  • No risk of dying my hair. I love my hair color and I do not want to see it disappear!
  • Will not make my hair fall out. I know going the no poo route results in science experiments on our heads, but I would like to keep my hair intact.

Bonus! If the ingredients are cheap, simple and few.

If you know any recipes that abide by this criteria please let me know! And, if you have tried it or know someone who has tried it please comment that as well. Thanks!

Also, it doesn’t have to be a separate shampoo and conditioner, it can be a 2-in-1 deal.

2 thoughts on “I Need Help From The No Pooers”

  1. Well, I know you mention also giving up conditioner so my comment probably won’t be helpful. But I don’t use shampoo, and my favorite thing to wash my hair with is conditioner mixed with Epsom salt. Conditioner alone seems to leave it too greasy, and I do use water alone several times a week, but it looks and feels the best by far after a conditioner/Epsom salt scrub.

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