DAY 10 | Keeping Lights Off

There’s a game I like to play sometimes. It’s purpose is to see how low I can get my electric bill. I will wake up and not turn on a single light. I will see how long I can last.

The funny thing is that I CAN LAST ALL DAY! Up into after 5pm, I have no need to turn on the lights. I can see fine. I can open windows. I can go outside.

Now when I wake up super early, it’s tough, but I can use the flashlight on my phone to get by.

Things got wonky this year and I stopped playing this game. But I’m ready to start again! Using lights when you really don’t need to is a waste of energy, electricity and MONEY! So I’m ready to play the game again. I’m ready to conquer to deep, dark nights of winter. I’m ready to hold out until I trip over cats and rabbits.

My change today is to keep the lights turned off until at least 5pm everyday. Why 5pm? 5 is the evening. In winter, it’s already dark. Plus I settle into bed around 8pm. I rather have the lights on for a mere 3 hours a day instead of 8-10 hours.

I’m not going to be switching them on at exactly 5 everyday. But if I am in need of some light and it’s after 5, I’m going to turn them on as needed.

Here we go!!