Lazy Veggie Soup

Despite eating 20 oranges yesterday to ward off my fiance’s cold, today I woke up a little congested which grew to being a lot congested by the end of the day. We went food shopping, and on the way home I suddenly remembered, “Hey! Maybe we should have gotten some soup since we’re both sneezing and coughing up lungs.”

Then, I realized I don’t need pre-made canned soup. I can make my own with what we have. So, here is my quick, easy and lazy  veggie soup.

What You’ll Need
Vegetable broth/stock – 1 container or as much broth as you want
Black beans – 1 can
Mixed Vegetables – 1 can
Diced tomatoes – 1 can

What To Do

  1. Pour as much vegetable stock as you want broth into a pot and put it on high heat/flame.
  2. Put the diced tomatoes into the pot. Do not drain the can before.
  3. Drain the mixed vegetable and black beans from the cans and then put in the pot.
  4. Wait until a small boil then enjoy 🙂

It is made with all canned ingredients which may not be the best health wise, but it is lazyness approved. It is also fiance approved. He loved it!

Do you have a favorite lazy recipe?