Minimalist Shoes

These are the shoes left in my collection after going through them yesterday.

-Pink sneakers
-Blue sneakers
-Professional black pumps
-Professional brown flats
-Clogs (not the ugly plastic ones. The cork kind)
-Black and white graduation heels
-Brown flats
-Tan sandals with a flower
-Cowgirl heel/boots
-Pink booty slippers
-Ravens slippers

I know 13 pairs of shoes does not seem very minimal, but I will be paring them down again in some time, and the Ravens slippers do not count because I like having articles that support my team. After awhile, I plan on having this collection to be down to 10. Blue sneakers are a back up for when pink sneakers gets worn out. I’m going to wear my graduation heels one last time on July 1st when I graduate college (I thought it would be nice to graduate in the same pair of heels that I graduated elementary school in). Brown flats’s life is coming to an end and if I don’t wear the cowboy boots in a year, then I’m giving them away.

Do you think 8-10 shoes is minimal? How many pairs do you have?