DAY 33 | My Composting Bun

I have a rabbit. His name is Rumple and he eats a lot of things. He turns his nose up at celery, but doesn’t mind eating… walls, shoes, cords, and carpet.

Besides having to bunny-proof my life and trying my best to keep my walls intact, I do see how I can make my bun happier while working towards being Zero Waste!

He loves fruits and vegetables. He also loves paper and cardboard. I usually give him scrap paper and cardboard to chew and we eat salads and fruits together. But I haven’t tried giving him food scraps to try to cut down on food waste.

I will be working on doing actual composting in the future, but for now, I’m going to put my bun to work. Whenever I cut up fruits and vegetables that is safe for rabbits to ingest, I’ll save the scraps for the bun.

Today I gave him my end pieces and shavings from some carrots I cut up. I usually give him a chunk, but today he got some extra nibbles. My bun is going to love this.