DAY 4 | Navy Showers

I’m standing in the shower today and the next change hits me: navy showers. I used to take navy showers a lot, but I stopped for some reason.

Navy showers are when you stop the water to suds up and then only turn the water back on as needed.

So, you get in the shower, get wet 😉 then stop the water. Lather up nice and good and then start the water again to rinse off. Repeat until you are done.

This helps save a lot of water. When you step away from the stream to lather up, water is being wasted. It’s like leaving the water on while brushing your teeth.

My change for today, and moving forward, is to take Navy Showers. We have a showerhead that makes this very convenient. There is a switch on the handle that stops the flow so you don’t have to bend and twist knobs.

I’m grateful for the convenience!