DAY 8 | No Disposable Gloves

I’m ashamed to admit how many latex gloves I have thrown away over the years. I’m so supposed to be “sooooo grreeen and eco-conscious,” but here I am throwing gloves into the landfill.

Look, I have 6 children who happen to be 5 cats and 1 rabbit. That’s a whole lot of shit and a whole lot of messes. Sometimes, it gets gross. One of them gets sick. It happens. Just like normal children.

So, I’ll pop these gloves on, deal with the mess and be thankful that I have a stomach of steel. However, it’s wasteful! It’s so so so wasteful.

So, today’s change is to FIND A BETTER WAY! I’ve decided that I am going to use sporty/utility gloves for now on. I will wear them and then wash them in the laundry.

That’s a super easy, super simple switch that was staring me in my face. Why haven’t I thought of this before?!?!

I also have some gardening gloves somewhere about. Once I find those I can have two gloves in rotation. And I can convince the husband to get on board too.