Redesigning My Life

It’s funny. My last blog post was entitled, “The Hiatus is Over” as if I was getting back into blogging regularly. But, that was last October, and here we are. Last year, I put out a whole bunch of posts and videos, and I was on a roll. I wanted to turn this blog into a business. I wanted consistency. I had a content plan and an editorial calendar. I mapped out the whole year with what blog posts to write, what videos to make and when to post them. The whole year was planned. I’m not kidding.

When it came to actually doing the plan, though, it was hard. I remember making 16 videos in one day. I was writing when I wasn’t inspired. And, that’s not what I want this blog to be about.

I don’t want to write just to push out content. I want to write to get my feelings out. I want to write to make a difference. I want to write when I feel inspired. I don’t want a schedule. I want to write according to my heart.

So, I am no longer looking at this blog as a business. Yes, I will still make money off the blog. I have a book coming out and every post advertises my photography that I produce, but you won’t see ads. You won’t see sponsored content. There won’t even be affiliate links within the posts.

This blog is now officially the blog that is was when it started. A blog about my journey into minimalism. It’s about how being a minimalist has changed my life for the better. It’s about inspiring others to improve their lives as well.

I am Redesigning My Life

On December 31st, 2016, my family and I rung in the New Year in our new home. We literally spent New Year’s Eve moving from a big city to a small rural town on a farm.

When the New Year hit, we didn’t have everything unloaded, but my family crammed into our new kitchen together and cheered! It was beautiful. We now live closer to my family, to my husband’s family and my hometown where I have more family and my best friend.

New Year. New Home. New Place.

I spent January thinking about my life and my career. I thought about how I wanted to live and what I wanted out of life. I then made a huge plan. I mapped out the whole year again, but this time it wasn’t a daily posting schedule. It was what I wanted to focus on each month.

I am writing my second book and I am focusing on a few of my businesses and ditching everything else.

I always have high hopes that I can get everything done. I want to learn so much, take a million free courses, do 50 hobbies, also run 10 businesses at once while making a million dollars and I want to do this as I do absolutely nothing at all and lay on a beach without a care in the world. As it turns out, I can’t do all this at once. Trust me, I have tried over and over again.

I am now ditching everything. I have even ditched reading! Although I have read 3 books this year. I just can’t help myself, but there is no longer a pressure to read 50 books every year.

I am not focused on learning. I am not focused on reading. I am not focused on cramming everything into every day. I am focused on one or two things every month. These things will push me towards my goals.

Finishing my book is the first thing I am focused on. Then, I am starting another blog that will actually be a business!

I am Redesigning My Blog

I am overhauling this blog so it only shows the bare minimum. I want only the important things to be front and center and have everything else go away. That is what minimalism is all about, isn’t it?

I am so excited to be inspired once more. I can’t wait to share everything that I am proud of in my life. My room is the smallest in the house. My husband has been getting rid of things without me saying anything. I might have gotten rid of 50% of my items in 2016. Oh, gosh the future is looking bright and I am just so happy right now.

I hope you are having a fantastic New Year!