Spending Less Than $4,000 On A Wedding


So, my wedding was yesterday! And, although this post was written in advance (by a week), I thought I’d share my updated wedding budget and show that I came way under budget.

My original thought was to have a wedding that was under $5,000. I thought it was absurd to spend that much on one day. I wanted something simple, intimate and cheap. Honestly, I believe we all can have a good time and not spend a fortune.

I made big steps into cutting costs and simplifying things. I chose a small venue that only allowed 50 guests maximum. I chose to wear my mother’s dress and to have the reception at her house. I made my own save-the-date magnets, inventions and wedding website. We rented a tux for Mr. Perfect, had my uncle as a DJ and relied on family to bring food. My mom and aunt went all out with decorations, party favors and activities. They put in their own time, money and effort and I am so thankful for them.

I wasn’t cheap all around though. I did splurge in true wedding fashion. Our wedding cake was the Tennessee Whiskey Cake at T.G.I Fridays. It’s the best thing ever! We also went to the mall looking for cheap wedding rings that would be around $400 together, but came out with financed $2000 pure-gold rings. I will never regret this purchase, we both are in love with our rings and the wedding ring is a true symbol of our bond together. I want them to last for many years to come.

So, now you can take a look at how our budget added up.

Wedding Budget       Wedding Budget 3260 Wedding Actual 3787.31
What Budget Actual Note        
Cake 80 30          
Food 300 0          
Beverages 100 0          
Fun! 100 0          
Venue 0 0          
Venue 400 400          
Deposit 200 200          
Dress Alterations 400 207          
Dress cleaning 150 146.06          
Bridemaids Dresses 100 50.81          
Flower Girl dresses 100 20          
Groom’s tux 150 133.75          
bride’s shoes 5 0          
Hair & Nails day of 0 0 I’m going to do my own nails and mom will give me a French braid.        
Flowers & Decorations              
bride’s bouquet 15 33.42          
bridemaids bouquet 30 0          
flower girls flowers 100            
groom thingy 10 0          
best man thingy 10 0          
Ceremony decorations 10 0          
reception decorations and centerpieces 50 0          
Uncle Al. 0 0          
Photographer 260 240 Tia. 8 hours + $100        
Digital copies              
Save-the-Date 70 53.49 http://www.staples.com/sbd/content/copyandprint/magnets.html        
Invitations 100 20 thanks to moms printer all I need was a paper cutter        
Thank-you cards 0   take blue pad for thank you notes        
programs/menus 10 0          
food labels 10 0          
other 0            
Resize engagment 50 53          
reshape other 50 0          
wedding rings 400 2000          
Transportation + Lodging              
hotel rooms              
View venue with Mom, Mamie and Sonia   56          
Stamps   49          
certificate   14.78          
license   80          

If you would like a copy of my Wedding Budget spreadsheet for your own use, you can download it by clicking this link: Get My Free Wedding Budget Spreadsheet

Weddings are a day for celebrating a bond of love. It’s suppose to be special, you’re supposed to have fun and you’re supposed to be happy in however you celebrate. But, weddings do not have to be as much as a small house.

How much was your wedding?