DAY 25 | Take an Environmental Course

Climate change. Global warming. Greenhouse effect. Now you hear these terms everywhere and you know something bad is happening and the Earth is dying, so that’s why you’re making lifestyle changes. But do you know how climate change, global warming or the greenhouse effect work?

Do you know the difference between climate change and weather? Did you know that greenhouse gases are a good thing and we NEED the greenhouse effect to stay alive? But what makes it bad? What exactly is happening on the planet? How do our actions directly impact this?

There are a lot of questions and confusion about the science behind the decline of the Earth. The best way to clear this up is to get educated! Take an Earth Science course, particularly one that focuses on climate change.

That’s my change for today. I’m taking an Earth Science course. I always have a list of free courses you can take in my bio. They are all geared towards climate change.