The Dish Plan

So lately I have been spending a ridiculous amount of time washing dishes. And, it’s not just me. My fiance and brother have been pitching in too, but it seems to never be not overflowing. I see a few patterns and problems that may be causing this and they are:

1. Everyone keeps reaching for a new dish.
This is what you’re supposed to do right? Well, when all the bowls and plates are dirty, we start reaching for the food storage containers┬áthen for the good china until every single dish has been dirtied.

2. We have a small drying pad.
Due to counter space, we can’t do anything about this. I have been making everyone take rotating turns in which all we have to do is wash enough dishes to fill the drying pad. It helps the boys think it’s not much work and they are participating without any fits. But, while one load is drying, people are dirtying more dishes.

We have taken the time in the past to cover all the counters with towels and wash every single dish and have them all dry at once. But, it’s too much of a hassle to keep doing that every week. So, last night, I came up with an idea. A simple solution.

We have so many dishes to wash because we have too many dishes. (tweet this) The solution is this simple! The dishes keep piling up because when we see that all the plates are dirtied, we reach for a piece of good china because we’re too lazy to wash out a plate. So, I have some ideas for this. And, these ideas will be included into my minimalist 2015 challenge.

  • I need to return dishes and food storage containers┬áback to my mother.
  • I need to store my food storage containers away from the main cabinet.
  • I need to set a “DO NOT TOUCH GOOD CHINA” rule.

We will continue to take turns washing dishes and hopefully dishes will be less overwhelming afterwards.

Stay tuned for the video of me implementing these changes and the conclusion of these changes in an upcoming Minimalist 2015 Challenge post.

How do you keep your keep your dishes from overwhelming you?

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