DAY 21 | Use Soap Nuts

Soap nuts are a berry that grows on trees. They contain natural soap properties. You pop 5-6 soap nuts in a little nut sack 😉 and then you pop it in your washer with your clothes.

BOOM! Magic happens and clothes are clean without chemicals.

I have been using soap nuts for years and I highly recommend them. I get mine from a company called EcoNuts.

EcoNuts sends me the soap nuts loose in a cardboard box. LESS packaging, NO plastic, so LESS waste!!

So how is this a change for me? I have to get back to using soap nuts again. For the past month I have been using laundry detergent because I have not found my supply in my unpacked boxes yet. I don’t want this to continue and I don’t want to develop this habit.

So, I’m going to be finding my nuts and their sack, and getting back to this laundry method again! There’s more green laundry tips on my blog.