Why I Didn’t Bother Selling My Things


It has been more than a year since I have embraced minimalism and gotten rid of so many things that I thought I would keep forever. During that time when I was devouring every blog post I could find on minimalism. I read different ways people dealt with their clutter.  Most recommended to sort through the clutter and to separate it into three piles: sell, donate and trash. People wanted to get some money back on items they spent so much money on. I however, didn’t spend anything on my items. I was 19 years old, in college and broke.

Most of my items came from Goodwill or have been handed down to me by different family members. That means I could just sell my items for profit, no? Well, here are some reasons why I didn’t bother selling my things.

Too Much Hassle

From taking pictures of each and every item, to making separate posts for each item is a real pain. Not to mention the hassle of signing up for a site, inputting your information, dealing with the customers and then shipping the items. Too much work for very little payback if you ask me. It is way too much time consuming, and it is so much easier to just put everything into a box and ship it to Goodwill.

I Rather Give To People In Need

I grew up in poverty with a single mother. We always had our basic needs met, but we just couldn’t afford to go out shopping at the big outlets. So, every other week we would end up at Goodwill. It was our favorite place besides the Dollar Tree. Being that we always had others helping us, I wanted to freely give my things to people who needed them free of charge.

I’m Lazy

I am so lazy. I never wanted to put in the effort to even think about selling things. I just wanted everything to be gone as soon as I decided I didn’t need it anymore. Seeing my room become clearer and clearer gave me more momentum to get rid of more things.

That is why I didn’t sell any of my things. Besides being too lazy to do so, it would have been a giant hassle especially when I was dealing with college and an internship and finding a job and life! It’s great if you want to put in the time to get back some of what you paid for things, and I definitely recommend selling textbooks. But, for me, I just wanted to be done with the clutter.

Did you sell your things? What was your experience? Was it a hassle to you?