DAY 63 | Natural Confetti

This is such a fun change because it’s something you don’t hear around. I found this tip on @solar_alchemy ‘s page. NATURAL CONFETTI!

Take a hole puncher and make biodegradable and renewable confetti out of LEAVES!

New Year is approaching fast and my family celebrates with confetti. We also use glitter at Christmas to make Reindeer food.

So in place of glitter and confetti, I am making natural and BEAUTIFUL confetti out of nature.

The leaves that I hole-punched are so pretty and when you look closely, each one has a different texture and design.

Very truly unique!

But don’t stop there! Because winter is coming and what happens when there’s no more leaves?

I tested this out on ONION SKIN today and it was wonderful!

Test out natural confetti on leaves, flower petals, onion skins, greens like spinach and kale.

Anything else you can think of? This is so fun!