DAY 19 | Going to Green Meetups

I love going to meetups. I have always enjoyed going to tech meetups, and listening to the speakers. However for the past few years, I haven’t attended any.

This is because I moved from a city to the middle of nowhere — three times. Twice in Pennsylvania, and now I live in the middle of nowhere Tennessee.

When I say there’s no meetups, I mean the only meetup near me in PA was a greeting card making group. And when I searched down here all I saw was a group of witches.

I LOVE THAT! But I’m no witch, so I passed. No tech meetups for me. Sadly.

But lo and behold I saw a group on Facebook. A local non-profit group that is dedicated to RECYCLING! Yes, my dreams have been answered. They meetup once a month, have a board meeting, but also give a presentation.

So I’m able to go and listen to other people’s experiences and projects. The very thing I loved. So my green change is to go to as many green meetups as possible. Locally and in my travels.