How to Work From Home

A lot of people are now working from home due to shutdowns. It’s crazy how it takes a virus for employers to finally consider remote options.

The benefits of working from home are neverending, but I won’t get into those. This is for you if you’re confused or overwhelmed. You might have a hard transition into the #workfromhomelife.

You might need help focusing. Being at home can be very distracting. There are kids, pets, the TV, and your bed.

Being at home can make you unproductive. There’s no coworkers or bosses looking over your shoulder and your internet connection isn’t restricted.

But you can keep your piece of mind during these times while also continuing to work. Here’s are some tips for you:

Be grateful. Please be grateful that you are able to work through this pandemic and receive a paycheck. Currently, there have been 22 million people out of work due to COVID-19. Be thankful for the opportunity!

Keep your schedule. Keeping structure in your life will probably be the best thing to do through all this. You can have a sense of order and will experience fewer feelings of panic and distress. You want to keep your life as normal as possible and one way to help is by keeping with your same schedules and routines. Wake up at the same time. Work at the same time. Eat at the same time.

Be strict with your family. Be open to your family about your work hours. Tell them to limit distractions as much as possible and to pretend you’re actually at work. This may not work with smaller children, but you can get your other family members on board.

Dedicate a space. You need an “office.” No matter how small, no matter the location. You need a space to call “work.” Pick a random corner with a random table. Inform the family and use that space for work. Use your couch and bed as last resort due to their distracting natures. You may start watching TV or falling asleep without even knowing.

Here are some ideas:

  • Corner of your bedroom
  • A closet
  • Kitchen / dining room table
  • Balcony
  • Guest room

Get headphones. You may need headphones to listen to white noise or calming music. Not everyone’s household can or will be quiet while you have to work. So headphones might do the trick to tune out the noise.

Enjoy. Enjoy this time without the office. Work in your PJ’s if it makes you happy. Have lunch with the family. Have a more relaxing morning without the commute. Learn some new skills as your office transitions to new online software.

Working at home does have its disadvantages, but getting through them is more beneficial. Don’t fret over this change, it can be a silver lining to all this. And one more thing… don’t get too attached or you won’t want to go back to the office!