DAY 42 | Making or Reusing Halloween Costumes

It’s not perfect. I didn’t put any effort this year into making a grand Halloween costume. I’m just not feeling it.

So I did what every tech person would do and made a joke out of it.

And even though I didn’t put in a lot of effort into mine I did see my family reuse items and create their own costumes.

One brother put a camo shirt and pants together with a camo hat and toy gun to became a soldier.

One sister reused a cloak from someone’s previous costume and became a demon.

Another sister dressed as her favorite celebrity.

So that was fun and green.

And by the way we celebrated Halloween today since Halloween is on a school night this year.

But anywho I used a piece of printer paper and some tape, and I know that there are probably better options for tape, but I’m not sure what. Please let me know!

Making your own costume or reusing ones from the past or from friends and family is always the best option!

You can stop the demand for new things being produced for a “one-time” use AND fast fashion.

I’m not the most creative person, so I hope your costumes this year looks better than mine.

Or maybe you’re skipping the dress up party! That’s even better.