DAY 17 | No Writing Utensils

Today’s change is me telling myself that I do not need to spend money on pens. Or any writing utensils for that matter.

Do you know how many pens we have? A lot. Do you know how many pens we can locate? A few. Why is it so hard to find a damn pen? How do these things end up getting lost all the time?

That’s beside the point. The point is I have plenty of pens. For me, there’s no need to purchase anymore.

I want to become as digitized as possible. I have a tablet with a stylus that works as a pen and paper. So, as I’m using that more and more, I hardly use pens.

So I will not be purchasing pens or pencils for the rest of the challenge. I will use up the pens I already have. I will keep them in check so I don’t lose them. And If I need another one, I will go look for someone else’s lost ones.

Oh! And is there a way to recycle pens?