DAY 23 | Stop @ 100%

I’ve been making a lot of energy-saving changes lately and today is another one.

I’ve noticed any times where I place my phone or computer on the charger and hours later it’s still on the charger. We put our devices down to charge only to forget that they’re still using electricity WAY past their 100% mark.

Just because your phone says it’s at 100% doesn’t mean it’s not using electricity as it’s plugged in. We need to monitor our energy waste.

So my change today is gets my devices off of charge when they hit 100%. When dead, it usually takes 1-2 hours for a device to charge. So I will set my reminders to look every half an hour until I see the hundo.

Then I will take the device off the charger and UNPLUG THE CHARGER as per Change 21. I love to see these changes compounding into each other!