DAY 24 | Stay Organized

I have mentioned several times that I have been doing ungreen things because I have just moved. I have reached for Ziplock bags because my kitchen stuff is still packed. I have used chemical-based laundry detergent because I couldn’t find my soap nuts.

When we are unorganized, we do things against our normal behaviors. And we also tend to buy things. Being unorganized can be wasteful because when you think you lost something, you will go out to replace it which brings in more packaging and waste into your life.

If you are organized, you won’t have to buy new things or use un-green products. You will know where your things are and you have your green solutions on hand.

So I’m getting organized. And I’m refusing to buy anything because I can’t find it. If I know I have it, I will look through EVERYTHING until I find it.