The Small Move

It has been over a week since my fiance and I moved from my mom’s attic to a small 415 sq. ft. studio apartment. It’s just perfect for me and my two boys (my fiance and my kitty).

Before moving, I gave away about 75% of my stuff that I hoarded since I was born. The most ridiculous thing that I still can’t get over is that I kept every worksheet and homework assignment from middle school. Blows my mind. (tweet this) It’s gone now! Thankfully.

Even though I gave away 75%, I still have a lot of stuff to deal with. But, it’s so much better than before! We had to get some stuff since this was our first apartment. Neither one of even thought about getting a plunger until we moved in. So, our apartment is not complete, but it’s getting there.

On moving day, we used my mom’s van and my fiance small car to move our stuff. It took 3 trips which to me is a success!! We didn’t have enough stuff (or money) to rent a U-Haul. Which coming from a seven person family was shocking. Every time we moved we needed a U-Haul or two. But, I have to remember that it’s just me, my fiance and my cat. This minimalism thing should come easy with two people.


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