Trapped in My Own Freedom

Since leaving the nest, I have been basking in freedom. I don’t have to clean, do dishes or do laundry.  And, now I feel trapped in mess and stuff.

There was a point within the last 6 months that I was on top of things. My apartment was clean and cozy. Why did  I stop being on top of things? Because I got sick of it. It took up all my time, and I had no free time. Oh, and don’t ask my fiance to help out. Because it will take him 3 days to do his turn of the dishes. I got sick of coming home and seeing him lie in bed relaxing without a care in the world. I was jealous. So, I stopped and had my own freetime.

Now, things are out of control. We constantly have dishes and I’ve been trying to get everything in order. My fiancĂ© is now pulling his weight and I feel like we’re making progress. But, I dread walking into my apartment. I can’t walk and I don’t have a nice space to work.

Freedom is awesome, but you have to be careful with it. Don’t abuse it, or you will become trapped.

I hope to get the chaos to dissapear this month, and make a plan to keep it away.

I want my cute and cozy apartment again.

How is freedom trapping you? Or, do you have it all under control?

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