DAY 7 | No Napkins

I hate paper towels. I hate napkins. They are literally designed to be thrown away. You literally spend money on something to throw it away. Money in the garbage.

I don’t use napkins a lot. I’m the messiest eater. But, I do find myself using napkins and paper towels. They are handed to me when I’m eating. I use them for cleaning when there are no rags around and I’m too lazy to run and get one.

So, I try not to use them, but somehow they creep up in life.

They are a waste. They make you lazy. They throw your money in the trash.

I’m done with paper towels and napkins. Today’s change is stopping this madness. It’s about saving trees. It’s about creating less waste because NEWSFLASH you can’t recycle paper towels and napkins.

I won’t be using any more napkins or paper towels. Not even if someone hands them to me. Not even if my face is covered in guac from an overstuffed burrito.